Some Pictures of Our Beautiful Maple Tree!
Planted in May, 2004 on Behalf of Everyone Who Owns One of The Portable Headphone Amplifiers!
Here is a picture of our tree, sitting
in its pot beside a more mature
Crabapple tree. The tree measured
almost five feet tall before planting
and had about 50 leaves on it. I
bought this tree at the local
Walmart. This tree is known as an
"Autumn Blaze Maple". This
variety has a fast growth rate and
can reach heights of up to 60 feet
After looking for a good spot in my
city, I decided to simply plant the
tree on the front lawn of my
parents house, shown in this
picture. This way, I could keep a
close eye on its growth and
development. It would also be safe
from harm in this location. The
little white "X" in the picture
marks where the tree was to be
Here is a picture showing the hole
in which the tree would be planted.
Some healthy compost soil was also
added so the tree could have a
healthy living area.
This is a top view showing the
young Maple leaves, after the
tree has been planted.
After checking up on the tree
after a few weeks, I am happy to
report that is has grown a few
inches taller! The tree seems to
be doing quite well, with new
leaves are coming up all over. It
is very exciting to watch it grow,
and more pictures will be taken in
the future. I would like to plant
more trees too. During the fall
season, the Autumn Blaze  Maple
leaves turn a beautiful Scarlet
red colour, as seen in the
adjacent picture of a mature tree.