Here is a picture of the Koss Porta Pro headphones. For under
$50, these are my favorite pair. If you visit a major Internet search
engine and type in "Koss Porta Pro Review" you'll find many
people who are crazy about them. The Porta Pros have a nice
frequency response with outstanding bass. Some people say the
low frequency response is too strong so it's a matter of opinion. I
happen to enjoy bass very much and don't mind. I believe that
Koss has not changed a thing about these headphones in over ten
years now. The drivers used in the Porta Pros are also used in the
Koss Sporta Pro, KSC 35, KSC 50, KS5 55, and the KSC 75
models too. Koss simply puts the same speaker into a different
style package.
Headphones This page features information about headphones. Note: I have not received any compensation or
motivation to write about the Koss Porta Pro, or Shure E2C models. I am simply sharing my knowledge and
experience for the reader's benefit.
The Koss Porta Pros
Many of us will be in a situation some time where we would like
to enjoy listening to music but there is just too much external
noise in the environment. In cases like these having a pair of
in-ear phones can really help. One of the best features for in-ear
phones is their ability to block out about 16-20 dB of the
external sound. They also  wrap up into a small package making
them great for when you are out on the go.
Using In-Ear Phones
Some Information About a Pair of 20dB Isolation Headphones You Can
Pictured on the left is the result of a small project you may be
interested in. Listening to music through headphones is great
when you are in a quiet environment but sometimes external
sounds may not only interfere with your listening experience, they
may also cause you permanent hearing loss. Using a loud lawn
mower, or working in a noisy factory are some examples where
isolation headphones would work great. Not only do these
headphones block out 20 dB of the external sound, they also
double as a nice way to allow you to enjoy music at the same
Here is a picture of a pair of KOSS KSC- 50 headphones
which I purchased on eBay. These headphones were less than
U.S. $10. These are great sounding headphones, namely
because they use the same speaker from the KOSS Porta Pro
line, just put into a more "sporty" housing. However, they are
uncomfortable to wear, and because there is a gap between
my ear and the headphones, a lot of the bass is lost. To fix
this, the KSC 50 drivers were put into a better headband. The
result was a much more comfortable set of headphones, and a
better low frequency response.
A Way To Modify the Koss KSC-50 Headphones to Improve Sound Quality and