A lot of care is taken when mailing the amplifiers. The amps are
surrounded with bubble wrap, then wrapped inside a plastic bag, just in
case it rains on the day a person receives their amp. Everything then goes
inside a padded envelope and the amp is ready for the journey to it's new
home. To date, no one in the world has ever reported having to pay a
Customs or Duty fee when their amp arrived.
The picture below presents some more information about the amp's features.
A Portable Headphones Amplifier: Introducing Pocket Amp 2 - Version 2 (PA2V2)
      A Wonderful Sounding, Hi-Fidelity Pocket Headphone Amp
By plugging your headphones into this amp instead of directly into your music player, you will help them
to reach their full potential. Not only does it make the music louder, but more importantly the amp
creates deeper, more powerful bass and clearer high frequencies at all volume levels. In many cases the
difference is quite noticeable. This is the type of sound you might hear after plugging your headphones
into a powerful, full sized home stereo. It is my hope that you will hear and experience your favorite
songs in a new and exciting way after adding the amp to your system - that it will really bring your
headphones to life! It is interesting to listen to your favorite songs all over again and hear some of the
things that have been missing.
Over the years revisions and improvements were made, leading up to the current PA2V2 model. The
PA2V2 received a review in the
WholeNote, Toronto’s leading Opera and Classical magazine. The
amp was also featured in a small section of the
Absolute Sound magazine which was quite an honor. You
may click on any of the three previous links to read more. You may also look at my
eBay feedback
record to read what many kind people have written about their amplifiers, or do a Google search to read
what some owners think. There have been over 6000 amps built to date with owners in more than 60
countries. Because of the number of orders each month, I can buy the parts in larger quantities to get
lower prices at the electronics store. Instead of keeping the savings, I just put the money back into the
amp by upgrading some parts.
For example, every single capacitor in the PA2V2 is now from Panasonic’s higher end series. Two
upgraded 2200 uF output capacitors replace the previous 1000 uFs models and two 470 uF input
capacitors replace the previous 220 uF models. The result is very solid bass, even at high volumes, and
crystal clear high frequencies. To pick these capacitors I built a test circuit and tried a large number of
different models and sizes on the market to find the best sounding combination. There is a higher quality
Bourns potentiometer, stronger input and output jacks, and a comfortable new soft-touch, Swiss made
control knob. All these parts populate a professionally built circuit board with thick copper traces. Each
amp is hand built and tested by myself.
Most portable devices have an output power under 20 mW (milliwatts). Usually this is not enough to
enable a decent pair of headphones to reach their full potential. The PA2V2 can output up to 200 mW of  
RMS power and makes the music louder by a factor of 610%. The amp can power speakers too, not only
headphones. For a small device it can output a lot of power. The frequency response goes from 5Hz to
well beyond 40KHz. Critical components are joined with thick, point to point traces for maximum
conductivity. The signal to noise ratio (SNR) is 100 dB. Actually, with the volume turned on maximum,
and no music playing, there is a relatively low amount of static, or in some cases none at all. A power
supply filter circuit almost eliminates the 50/60 Hz humming sounds you would hear when listening with
the AC adapter plugged in.
The amplifier is built to last inside of a strong Hammond ABS enclosure. The amp measures 2.6" by 2.6"
and 1.1" thick. You could actually walk on the amp and not break it. A beautiful ruby-red tinted window is
used for the faceplate and provides a glimpse into the amp's circuit. Shining through is a super bright red
LED on/off indicator. This light creates a nice effect in the dark and helps you to find the volume knob.
This is great if you enjoy spending time at night with your thoughts and favorite music.
Along with the PA2V2 you will receive an AC adapter. You can plug this in to recharge the two AA
batteries while still inside the amp, or simply for when you are using the amp at home. The nice thing is
that after you install a pair of AA rechargeable batteries, they wouldn't have to be taken back out for a
few years. The adapter could be plugged in to charge the batteries over and over again. The amp is quite
efficient so a fully charged pair of batteries can last over 100 hours. I know how it feels, to run out of
batteries in the middle of a long trip so I made sure the amp would last a very long time and be
dependable. This feature saves you the money, time, and trouble of changing the batteries every time they
run out. A short cable is also included for connecting the amp to your source device.
Examples of the many devices that can be used with this amplifier are portable MP3, CD, DVD, Mini Disc
(MD), and Cassette players. You can basically use the amp anywhere there is a line-out or headphone
jack, such as with your home computer, laptop, television, Am/Fm radio, or portable gaming system. This
amplifier works great with all types of headphones including those made by AKG, Audio Technica,
Beyerdynamic, Etymotic, Grado, Koss, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Ultimate Ears, Westone, and many
more. Using a nice pair of headphones with this amp will help do it justice.
Ever since the first amplifier was built I have been keeping an online pictographic archive of the name and
location of each amp's new owner. Some owners even shared their own pictures, which is very kind. Each
amplifier has a unique serial number printed inside.
I will stand behind this product and be happy to service any amp (at no charge) should anything ever go
wrong, and this offer extends for the rest of my life. I'll admit, a few amplifiers have come back for repair
and they were fixed, then returned by the next day. Even if the amp breaks and it's your fault, it doesn't
matter, I will still fix it.
A few years ago, while studying electrical engineering at university I built a small amp  to help me through
the 4 hour round trip commute. Having a nice system with me really helped. A few months later the
Pocket Amp 1 (PA1)  model, based on the original amp made for myself, was offered to others in the
audio community. The PA1 model later won the "
Best Design Project" award at the International  
Conference for Upcoming Engineers in 2004. As a labor of love, a lot of hard work and careful thought
went into this amplifier.