The Famous Koss Porta Pro Headphones!
Here are some pictures of the Koss Porta Pros. These are my favorite  headphones for under $50. If you
get a chance to try these out some day  please do, the frequency response is amazing. Just for fun try
typing in  "Koss Porta Pro Review" on a major search engine to read what other  people from all around
the world have written about them.
Yes, I will admit they have a unique look. After purchasing a pair of Porta Pros, and opening up the
package for the first time, I thought to myself, "I paid $50 for this?" The headphones looked (and felt) a
bit light and cheap. The incredible sound and comfort made up for all this though. I heard that Koss has
not changed a thing about these headphones in over ten years. Koss puts the exact same Porta Pro drivers
into the Sporta Pro and KSC 35 models. The KSC 50, 55, and 75 models use a version of the driver with
a titanium coating and sound great too.
After use, I always return the headphones carefully to their spot  hanging on the wall. I do not even use
them outdoors anymore because they are just too nice. I can't risk getting them ruined by high speed  winds,
dust, or rain. The above-right picture displays a thin green disk  of extra sponge I put under each standard
black foam pad. This makes the headphones extra comfortable on the ears and lets me wear them for really
long listening periods, such as for four or more hours. I also stuck two grey felt squares on the headband for
more comfort.
Note: I have not received any compensation or motives to write this page about the Koss Porta Pro headphones, I am simply sharing my knowledge and
experience about this product for the reader's benefit.
The Porta Pros have an outstanding low frequency response. Some people  believe there is too much bass,
so it's a matter of opinion. If you  happen to enjoy low frequencies, then like me, you may not mind. The
mid  and high frequency response is great, and overall I have no complaints  about their sound considering
the price. In the picture below you can see how the headphones collapse into a smaller package for travel
and compact storage.