AmpliRider Installation  Instructions
Here are the installation instructions for the AmpliRider. Remember, if you have any questions about the
amp I will be glad to help. I can be reached at
Installing the AmpliRider can be broken down into two sections, the power hookup and the  audio connections.

The AmpliRider has a red and black wire coming out of the main unit. The red wire connects to a 12 volt
source. Hooking it up to a wire that switches on with the ignition is a popular place. The black wire is for
ground and can be connected to any  suitable ground location.

It is also a good idea not to put the main portion of the amp or the power wires too close to the bike's
alternator or the ignition module. These are the two primary sources of  noise.

The amp has three input jacks (IN1, IN2, and IN3) so the audio signal can be fed into any of them. Your
earphones, headphones, or speakers plug into the output jack. However, the amp's output can also be
connected to the input of another device such as an Autocom type system or the  AUX jack on a stereo.

You'll also notice a jack labelled "VOL" on the main amp and a matching one on the remote controller. These
two jacks are to be connected with the supplied cable.

The Alternate Version of the AmpliRider has a knob built-in and will not require this cord.
After completing the power and audio connections mentioned above the amp should be ready to go.

During shipping or through your own use the rubber volume knob may get stumped too far down on its shaft.
In this case the knob can be gently pried back up with a coin or flat screwdriver.