The AmpliRider is an amplifier designed for motorcycle riders. This amp connects to the 12 volt supply
on your motorcycle. It can safely combine and amplify up to three stereo input signals in a high fidelity
manner. The remote volume controller lets you adjust the volume to your headphones or helmet
speakers from an easy to reach spot while you are cruising.
A lot of care is always taken when mailing the amplifiers. The amps are
surrounded with bubble wrap, then wrapped inside a plastic bag, just in case it
rains on the day a person receives their amp. Everything then goes inside a
padded envelope and the amplifier is ready for the journey to it's new home.
To date, no one in the world has ever reported having to pay a Customs or
Duty fee when their amp arrived.
The AmpliRider - A 12 Volt, Multiple Input, Remote Volume Controlled Amplifier
                            Built For Motorcycle Riders!                                       
This amp is quick and easy to install. Because the amp connects to your bike's 12v supply, it does not
require any internal batteries. A switched 12v supply on your bike is a good place to hook the amp up.
This way, it would turn on each time your motorcycle did. There are two power wires coming out of the
amp. One is red and this connects to the 12 Volt supply. The other wire is black, this connects to the
bike's ground. The "VOL" jack is where the included 6-ft cord connects the main part of he amp to the
remote volume controller.
Each AmpliRider is carefully built, given a serial number, and along with its new owner, listed in the
Amplifier Archives. I will stand behind this amplifier be happy to repair it (at no charge) should anything
ever go wrong.
The AmpliRider uses some of the same parts as the PA2V2 model. Because of this, not only does the
amp make music louder, but it provides a more full frequency response - delivering deeper, more
powerful bass and cleaner high frequencies to your headphones or speakers. Additional circuitry reduces
both alternator, and electronic ignition noise
A unique feature to the AmpliRider is the remote volume controller. This gives you the ability to adjust
your listening level from an easy to reach spot while you are riding. You can keep the main portion of the
amp safely stored in another location for a cleaner look, to deter theft, and weather protection.
Very strong, weather resistant ABS enclosures protect the amp's circuitry and volume controller. The
main amplifier body measures 2.6" by 2.6" wide and 1.1" thick (66mm x 66mm x 28mm). The volume
control box measures 1.97" long, 1.38" wide, and 0.79" thick (50 mm x 35mm x 20mm).
allow easy
removal of the
power cords,
whose length
you may
decide to
You may plug in up to three input devices. The amp will then combine and amplify them to be sent to
your headphones or helmet speakers. This will allow you to listen to music, and keep an ear on the
signals from a radar detector or GPS system.
You may prefer to
remove the volume
mechanism from the
protective box, to
mount it elsewhere.
All parts are screwed
together, which leaves
you more room for
Alternative Version! - Some riders have requested that the volume knob be built into the amp. If
you are interested in this version you may mention so in an email.
NOTE! - If you would like to use a radar detector with the amp please mention which model
you have since some of them need to pass through an isolation cable.