More Information About Pocket Amp 1
Here is a picture of Pocket Amp 1 - possibly eBay's first hand built, regularly
listed pocket amplifier. I began building these amplifiers almost two years ago,
while still a student in my fourth year of university. After graduating as an
Electrical Engineer from Ryerson University, I improved upon it's design creating
Pocket Amp 2. Over 300 of these amplifiers were built, with happy owners in
over 10 different countries.
More Information About The Portable Headphones Amplifier - Pocket Amp 2
Presenting Pocket Amp 2 - Version 2, a wonderful sounding, hi-fidelity portable headphones amplifier. This
amplifier easily connects in between your source device and headphones, in order to improve the overall
quality of your listening experience. Not only will the PA2V2 make your music louder, but more
importantly make it rich in bass, and bring out crisp, cleaner high frequencies - just like you would hear by
plugging your headphones into a powerful, full sized home stereo. The sound quality is impressive. It is my
hope that this amp will allow you to hear and experience your favorite songs in a new and exciting way!
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A pictographic archive of all the headphone amplifiers built to date, and their new owners
I must say that after mailing away the first amplifier, I was sad to see it go. Each amp is special and takes a few hours to build. I
really take my time and put a lot of pride in each one. Since the first amplifier was built, I have been keeping a pictographic
archive of all the amplifiers built to date, and the names of their respective owners. Some owners have kindly sent in their own
pictures too.                    
Frederic - Amp323
Savas - Amp554
Graham - Amp557
Jordan - Amp501
Paul - Amp755
John - Amp912
Kosuke - Amp1429
Shawn - Amp1576
Adam - Amp1288
Dennis - Amp1581